Thursday, April 06, 2006

Listening to Explosive Anti-Fuel Hike Forum

Date: 31 March 2006
Venue: D' Space

Language : Chinese

Part 1 : 19.42min
Part 2 : 20.50min
Part 3 : 29.02min
Part 4: 20.11min

Presenter : Julius Choo (Suaram-Pg)

Producer : SUARAM-Pg & Secrets' Broadcaster (SB)

This is a series of 4 recordings of a forceful forum on the drastic oil hike in Malaysia. It is an issue which link closely to the financial mismanagement of the government -which add oil to the people's fire of anger.

Part 1 collects the views of the panel speakers : Danny Law from DAP; Law Chi Kiong & Raymond Ong from PKR.

Part 2 explore the deadly impact of oil hike on the people.

Part 3 survey the responses of the people and the government's reactions.

Part 4 answer question from the floor : had the government underestimated the people's power ?Enjoy listening.

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