Monday, October 26, 2009

Security Tight for ASEAN Summit

Security Tight for ASEAN Summit

2009-10-23 11:1522

20,000 security personnel are in full force as ASEAN meetings commence in Thailand’s Hua Hin.

The ASEAN secretary general says they are not expecting any disruptions.

[Surin Pitwuwan, ASEAN Secretary General]:
“I have been demonstrated the activities that the security apparatus have put up, with all units from the police to the army to the navy to the air force. They have integrated their activities very very well, very impressive. I don't think there is any concern.”

Checkpoints are set up along the main road leading to the summit venue to ensure there is no disruption during the meeting.

Army bomb squads and sniff dogs have been conducting regular checks around the venue.

Navy vessels patrolled the Hua Hin coast and army helicopters circled above the town.

An internal security act has been imposed to allow soldiers to restrict protesters from gathering near the summit venues through Tuesday.

Thailand has tightened security and is not taking any chances. At the ASEAN summit in Pattaya back in April, hundreds of anti-government protesters broke through security barriers. The meeting ended abruptly and some leaders fled by helicopter.

Trade ties, regional security, disaster relief and human rights will dominate the talks of ASEAN leaders this week.

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suarampg said...

what they afraid if they are good leaders.

shu shi