Thursday, September 03, 2009

‘Stay away from street demos’

‘Stay away from street demos’


SEREMBAN: Civil servants found participating in illegal street demonstrations, or are involved in movements that threatened public peace and security, will be demoted and even sacked.

They will also be charged for dereliction of duty if they left their work stations to see or participate in such illegal gatherings, said Public Service director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam in a circular.

Those violating the directive could be charged under rule 4(1) of the General Rules (Discipline and Conduct) Regulations 1993 for disloyalty against the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and country.

“You are not allowed to use the office printer, photocopier or computers to produce leaflets for any such demonstration.

“Also, you can’t leave your workplace during working hours even if your intentions were to just see the demonstration,” said Ismail in the Aug 13 directive.

Public sector employees were also not, at any point, allowed to act in a manner seen to be sympathetic towards such illegal events.

“You cannot put your personal interest above your duty as a civil servant,” said Ismail.

He also reminded civil servants in the top management group (JUSA) that they were strictly forbidden from being active in politics.

As for those in the support group, who made up almost 60% of the civil service, were only allowed to hold positions in political parties after obtaining written approval from the Public Service director-general or the secretary-general of the ministry.

“It is also based on the integrity concept to ensure the civil service is truly a stable service which is neutral towards any group including movements, doctrines and political parties,” the circular stated.

Cuepacs president Omar Osman believed the directive had been issued as there might be a small number of civil servants involved in such wrongdoings.

“The provision is already contained in our Aku Janji (My Pledge) document which is signed by all civil servants,” he said.

“It is good the PSD had issued the directive as some civil servants may have forgotten that it is an offence to participate in such activities,” he said.

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