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The Parti Sosialis Malaysia strongly condemns the use of violent sexist threats against YB Rodziah, State Assemblywoman for Batu Tiga Shah Alam by the hooligans responsible for the cow-head incident during the recent failed dialogue session attempted by the Selangor State government. We are shocked at the boldness with which the hooligans were able to threaten the state assemblywoman with ‘Rodziah, saya akan rogol you sekarang’(Rodziah, I am going to rape you now).

This is a threat against all women – against our female children, our sisters and our mothers – and a rude reminder that, beware! rapists roam unchecked in our midst.

The PSM demands that the barbarians who threatened YB Rodziah be treated as rapists and remanded. Surely there must be a law to restrain intending rapists.

These elements are dangerous to society and serious action should be taken by the authorities to punish and rehabilitate them. It will also serve as a lesson to others that this society will not tolerate violence against women.

This incident cannot be seen in isolation though. It is a reflection of the position of women in our society, of how to many, women are subservient to men, second class citizens and objects of entertainment.

This attitude is pervasive and institutionalized, sweeping through our discriminatory laws, the workplace which discriminates against women, civil society groups and the domestic front. Even in the highest lawmaking institutions, women’s rights and dignity are trampled upon by parliamentarians who are supposed to be examples for the rest of society.

A lot needs to be done to change the situation, but with political will on the part of the government a safer society can be shaped. The government must start by taking immediate action against those who threatened and abused YB Rodziah.

Released By

Rani Rasiah

Deputy Secretary General

(no tel – 019-5638464

10 September 2009

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