Monday, September 28, 2009

FFF coming soon!

Catch the
FreedomFilmFest 2009
Presenting 23 heart-moving, eye-opening, award-winning human rights documentaries from Malaysia and around the world, over 3 days in 4 states.
2-4TH OCTOBER 2009, The Annexe, Central Market KL
9-11 OCTOBER 2009, Han Chiang College, Penang
23-25TH OCOTBER, Tropical Inn, Johor Baharu
30 OCTOBER-1 NOVEMBER, Chung Hwa middle School 1, Kuching
Community Video Forum & Showcase will be bringing to you a sharing session of experience and video showcase between community filmmakers and activists from Malaysia and around the SEA region who use video for community organising.
The 6th FreedomFilmFest2009 will be launched with the screening of AT STAKE, a brave and eye-opening documentary tackling taboo issues faced by Indonesian women. This anthology covers issues of female genital mutilation, unmarried women's experiences at the gynecologist, prostitution, and the sexuality of a migrant worker.
*Producer NIA DINATA, who is the director of the movie “Berbagi Suami” and also a reknowned Indonesian feminist will be present in KL for Q&A after the screening.
PREMIERE OF FFF2009 FILMS! (Saturday, 7pm)
Al-Fatehah Memali by Rahmat Haron
This film portrays the journey of singer-songwriters, Black and Meor, trying to comprehend a massacre that happened in 1985 in Kg. Memali, Kedah. Their journey brings them to the village where they meet survivors and witnesses of the tragedy to uncover a forgotten story of injustice for most of Malaysia, but one forever etched in the hearts of those in Memali.
Kayuh by Soh Sook Hwa
This film is a first-hand account of a 100-strong contingent of cyclists in the JERIT cycling campaign who rode from Alor Setar and Johor Baharu to Kuala Lumpur for 16 days in order to address 6 major concerns of marginalized groups in Malaysia.
No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis by The S-ploited.
What happens when “frogs” jump over to the other side? In Perak, when 3 elected representatives of the Pakatan Rakyat 'hopped” over to become BN friendly, it started a political wrestling match for power between the two opposing political alliance.
* Entry is FREE but strictly by invitation only as it is a closed-door private event.
For inquiries and reservations of passes: Please email or call 017-316..., with the following information.
Name l Contact tel. no and email l Title of film/time of session that you would like to watch l Number of passes needed l In which state(KL, PG, JB, or KUCHING)
Selection of films and program of the festival are the sole responsibility of the organising committee of the FreedomFilmFest.
The venue providers are not involved in this process of selection and cannot be held accountable.

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