Monday, December 15, 2008


Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) condemn the arrest, harassment, intimidation, humiliation and ill –treatment of JERIT cyclist and activist in Selangor. Both the JERIT's 'Ride for Change' campaign was sabotaged and disrupted by the Rawang and Kajang police who had acted on orders with the sole intention of putting an end to the JERIT's nationwide campaign which is gaining momentum by the day.

The Police stooped so low today when they claimed that the children were exploited and were investigated under the Police Act for illegal procession and the Child Act for using children in their campaign. This is utter rubbish coming from the police force, which has long lost all its credibility.

All the young school children involved in the campaign have got parental consent and therefore the police action today is sheer intimidation and foul play.

The CPO of Selangor and the Deputy Inspector General of Police have been unscrupulous in their actions and statements. The have acted as cheap stooge to the ruling party rather than being neutral and professional in their work. That have clearly taken a bias political stand in trying to disrupt the JERIT campaign.

We call for the immediate release of all the cyclist, PSM National Deputy Chairperson M.Saraswathy, Treasurer A.Sivarajan and Central Committee Member and MP for Sungai Siput Dr. Jeyakumar immediately without any condition. We also call for the release of Rawang state assemblyperson Gan Pei Nie.

The police action in Kajang and Rawang today besides being unlawful is a sheer waste of public funds. The police instead of fighting crime, should be doing something more productive

If the police cannot be neutral, they might as well join politics

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Secretary general

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