Monday, October 22, 2007

Forum" Mother Tongue Education in Malaysia"

《茅草行动 - 谈马来西亚母语教育》
'Operasi Lalang - Mother Tongue Education'



27th October 1987 was a black day for Malaysia. On this day, despite claims
that we are a democratic nation, Operation Lallang was launched, using the
draconian ISA to detain 107 Malaysian citizens and incarcerate them without
trial. Malaysians from all walks of lfie were detained - opposition
politicians, social activists, people of all religions, women involved in
anti-rape campiagns, theatre people, people who care about the
environmental - all thrown into solitary confinement because they were
deemed a 'threat to national security'. Many were subject to mental and/or
physical torture.

There were many factors leading up to Operation Lallang. Mahathir of course
faced a number of crisies within his party, UMNO. At the same time, there
was considerable discussion about the rights to mother-tongue education.
Chinese educationalists were of course amongst those detained. So in marking
20 years of Operation Lallang, we are proud to present this Forum, which
will focus on chinese education and its relation to Operation Lallang. Come
and learn about the history of the struggle for mother-tongue education, the
background to October 1987, and how the struggle continues till today.

主讲人 :朱进佳先生
Panels : Mr. Choo Chon Kai
: Mr. Teh Hong PHoe
: Dr. Yoong Suan


Date: 27/10/2007
Time: 3pm
Venue: Chinese Assembly Hall (2nd floor meeting room)
Organizer: Phoenix Associationand SUARAM Penang
Language: Mandarin

Free admission

Any inquiry please contact Lau Shu Shi (012-8756179)

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