Saturday, March 10, 2007

Premier show of `Old But Not Dead' -Penang's film on bus problems and forum

Premier show of `Old But Not Dead' -Penang's film on bus problems and forum
on Penang's future on public transports

Date : Mar 18th (Sunday)

Time : 3.00pm

Venue : Main Hall, Grand Continental Hotel, Brickiln Rd

Entrance : FREE !

Programs: * premier show of Penang's home made film `Old But Not Dead' -on
Penang's notorious bus problems. 20 Minutes. Producer : Ong BK on behalf of
Bus Users Group(BUG)

Synopsis : Old man Lee took a bus to perform an important but suspected
mission. Despite various transport obstacles that tested his patience he
persevered to the end to reach the destination where his very logical and
rational mission was revealed ! Over 20 Penangites were involved in the
making of the first ever film by the local filming group organised by Bus
Users Group(BUG). Your support for the home made film to allow Penangites to
speak out through the film media, is very much appreciated !

* Video/slides of performance of Rapid KL -a report from a survey trip to KL
by BUG members.

* Forum : Speakers from various civil society members. All are welcome to
contribute ideas when Penang is again at a cross road on public transport
issues. The uncritical welcoming of mini buses more than 10 years ago caused
Penangites a lot of headaches on the road for a whole decade-will this recur
with Rapid KL ? What are the prefered future for Penang's public transports?
What about water based transport ? Tut-Tut ? Non-motorised transports?
Pedestrian rights ? Disabled rights ? How about reviving electric trams for
George Town ?

Presented by : Bus Users Group (BUG) in association with a number of other
civil society groups (whole list will be out soonest).

Enq. 013-5900339(

Ong BK)

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