Sunday, April 16, 2006

This is a 4 part recording of a public hearing held on 14th of April at D'Space to focus on the recently revamped bus system. Part 1 is a reminicising of the past bus system here. Part 2 is a review of buses in Zone 1; Part 2 is a review of the buses in Zone 3; and PArt 4 gives a background to Penangites' campaign for a sustainable public transport system so far -and the formation of BUG -Bus Users Group -the first ever in Penang to speak for the much abused bus users.

Date : Apr 14th 2006
Format : Audio
Presenter : Tan Lee Ooi
Organiser : Penangwatch, Thefreemedia, SUARAM-Pg, SOS

Length :
Part 1 : 9min here
Part 2 : 18min here
Part 3 : 25min here
Part 4 : 27 min here

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